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When attempting to clean up an infected system, you should run at least one of each. If you were running antivirus software when you became infected you should see whether it was keeping itself up-to-date, or try running a Zuma different program. Proven antivirus software companies include Symantec (a.k.a, Norton), McAfee, Panda Software, Trend Micro, F-Secure, Eset , and Kaspersky Labs.

At we are constantly looking for new products that we can recommend, including anti-spyware products. We find that a great many of the spyware removers we test produce a high number of false alarms. Many of these same products are also very bad at detecting real malware. These sub-standard products are widely promoted on the Internet and many people, not knowing any better, end up buying them. At the very least, you should have an anti-spyware scanner, and there are several reputable anti-spyware scanners available on the Net — some even for free.

But anti-spyware protection goes beyond having an anti-spyware scanner like Spybot Search & Destroy or Ad-aware. Even after installing and running an anti-spyware scanner, you should take steps to lock down your browser and protect your system against further infestation by spyware and adware. That’s what makes the 200th application such a dubious milestone — and a troubling monument to the myriad ways that greed can exploit fear, confusion, desperation, and ignorance. Free antivirus programs do not cost anything to install or maintain, though you may have to re-register yearly. Fee-based antivirus suites offer additional features, some of which may improve protection.

If you buy an antivirus suite, know that they require yearly renewal. The following is a partial list of rogue security software, most of which can be grouped into families.

Many of these companies have free Web-based scanners or downloadable tryout versions. Unlike some of the other free spyware removal options, Power Eraser was designed solely to find and remove what Norton calls “crimeware”. This will include any malware designed to steal data, meaning Norton Power Eraser is not the best option if you’re trying to remove more benign spyware, such as tracking cookies and some adware. You’ll find that FreeFixer does not scan your entire file system. Instead, it only focuses on areas where potentially unwanted programs typically get installed. The software also includes the option to delete files based on exact file paths, and a system file checker for administrators to check protected files. The biggest limitation to Spybot Search and Destroy is that it doesn’t extend to a wider range of antivirus protection with the free version.

Many of these tools are made available to consumers completely for free. F-Secure Anti-Virus Client Security has one of the best, most comprehensive security bundles available, although it suffers a bit from a disjointed administration user interface. One of three anti-spyware solutions in this review that includes anti-virus capabilities in the same package, Anti-Virus Client Security’s real-time protection stopped all attempts to infect my test clients. Reporting is browser-based and provides ample predefined templates. Because of its awesome real-time protection and overall performance, Anti-Virus Client Security 6 received the highest score of the ten products reviewed. NOD32 handled most of the malware I threw at it, detecting drive-by virus and other spyware installs as they occurred.


Two of the sites actually showed step-by-step how to install the ActiveX control they were trying to deliver. To make sure I tested each product the same way, I scripted my browsing experience using Macro Scheduler 7.3, by MJT Net. For the products that did not include anti-virus protection, I installed Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition 7.6 and updated it with the latest definitions. My test PCs and servers were a mix of Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP Pro, and Windows 2003 Server Standard.

These are functionally identical versions of the same program repackaged as successive new products by the same vendor. With the current Anti Spyware and blockers combating these types of software there are now newer forms of this software which are worse and becoming more capable at evading detection. The latest threats are better than spyware from just a few months ago. So you’re current Anti Spyware and Spyware blocker programs may no longer be as effective at combating spyware or blocking spyware as it was in the past. So, the majority of antivirus providers include spyware protection in their packs. But if you are not in need of antivirus and your only purpose is to throw spyware off, you can refer to the following standalone programs.

  • If you’re the kind of person who likes to have lots of tabs open at once, this can cause Chrome to slow down.
  • If you do the speed test, and you see that your internet is as fast as ever, check out the following ways to speed up Chrome.
  • Every time you open a new tab, it uses a little memory, which means having a lot of open tabs will also slow down your computer.
  • In order to test your internet speed, go to and click Go.

It did, however, allow one adware program to drop Internet shortcuts on my desktop, and it also didn’t detect or remove Virtual Bouncer, AdRoar, and AdDestroyer. A subsequent deep on-demand scan also failed to identify and remove the adware. For my tests, I used a list of nine Web sites and URLs that are sources of malware, spyware, and viruses, and all were effective and convincing in their delivery.

This, of course, makes it an acceptable option if you’re looking specifically for spyware removal. However, if you want ongoing and more comprehensive protection, one of the other options listed above may be a better choice. AVG Free Antivirus protects multiple devices, including Android and Mac computers. Alongside virus scanning, you’ll also get web protection, either through a dedicated Chrome extension, or an individual AVG secure web browser. Thankfully, security software companies have flooded the market with high-quality tools that not only detect but also remove all types of known spyware.


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