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Select the appropriate app from the result and click on its Install button. Now, search for your desired app in the search bar of Google Play Store.

Allows apps to read and write to your internal or external storage. Allows apps to read, receive, and send SMS messages, as well as receive WAP push messages and MMS messages. Allows apps to read, create, edit, or delete your calendar events. Allows access to your health data from heart-rate monitors, fitness trackers, and other external sensors. You can get to it in other ways, but there’s also access to your shopping list that the Assistant creates in Keep when you start telling it to add items through a voice command. Google is taking the “home” in the name of this app seriously.


Run APK Online is a close alternative to it that you can try as well. As Manymo has shut down their services completely, it’s time to find a new alternative to Manymo. If you are looking for the free online android emulator, then this is it. TestObject is a cloud-based Android Emulator that is pretty similar to Manymo. To start using TestObject, all you want to do is create a fresh new Test Object account, drag and drop the APK and finally start using it.

does android have apk

Well, because it can take full advantage of that large display on tablets. Not many developers did that, though, and not many will do it in the future. Tablets are not as popular as they used to be, not even close. Many would say that this is not ideal, and that is probably true.

Android Police

Clean it By YourselfThere you need to first tap on the ‘Clear data’ option and then on the ‘Clear Cache’ option. Junk files don’t harm your device, but it can slow down your Android device. If you have using an older version of Android like Android Marshmallow, or KitKat, then these leftover files can ruin your Android experience.

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  • When tapped, that menu offers larger icons for commonly used functions like Google Assistant, opening the notifications shade, and taking screenshots.
  • Catch every race live and access replays and information about past races.
  • Also, this software lets you uninstall system apps if you have root access on your Android device.

Interestingly, many of these games are available for free on the Microsoft Store . We compiled a list of the top 10 racing games for PC available in on the store. The list includes a few games from every sub-niche of gaming. Monster truck game a good blend of racing and stunt driving. Every activity on this big trucks app will engage your little one and educate them about construction trucks. There’s so much to learn, explore, and play with in Dump Truck Games For Kids. Here are 10 of the best kids racing games worth accelerating on to the App Stores for.


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