Allow me to inform about Archive:Marriages and births in Poland

Allow me to inform about Archive:Marriages and births in Poland

This Statistics Explained article is outdated and has now been archived – for current articles on populace see here.

Reduction in the quantity of marriages and live births in Poland

Author: Joanna StaЕ„czak, Karina Stelmach, Magdalena Urbanowicz (CSO of Poland) Data extracted in November 2015.

This short adultfriendfinder article on marriages and births is a component of the pilot task implemented by Eurostat with the Member States. The aim of the pilot task will be better answer individual’s requirements by complementing the Eurostat article presenting data for A eu degree with more in depth home elevators the exact same subject, but at nationwide degree. Articles from the participating Member States can be purchased in the matching nationwide languages along with English in addition they form, alongside the Eurostat article, an on-line book.

Family and marriage are highly embedded when you look at the value system of contemporary Poles. This informative article presents brief information on styles into the concluding and dissolving of marriages in addition to births within the last 25 years, in other words. as soon as of financial and social transformation in 1989. The very first 50 % of the 90s ended up being the breakthrough period when it comes to noticed demographic styles. The changes point out a continuing change in the behavior of young individuals, whom while entering adulthood and preparing the next first spend money on by themselves – in training and work – then into the household and its own enlargement.

This article additionally provides details about the dwelling regarding the Polish population by de facto marital status.


  • 1 decline in the range marriages and live births in Poland
  • 2 principal analytical findings
    • 2.1 reduction in the true amount of marriages in Poland
    • 2.2 Stable range divorces
    • 2.3 reduction in quantity of real time births
    • 2.4 Enhance associated with the chronilogical age of ladies at childbirth
    • 2.5 Over 20 percent of births in Poland are births outside wedding
    • 2.6 construction of population in Poland because of the facto status that is marital
  • 3 Notes

Main analytical findings

How many marriages in Poland happens to be decreasing since 2008 – in 2013, there have been over 180 thousand marriages, for example. significantly more than 23 thousand less than when you look at the past 12 months and 77 thousand less than in 2008. The wedding price had been about 4.7‰, although it amounted to 6-6.8‰ in 2006-2010. The unfavourable trend in how many marriages will likely have the consequence of reducing the wide range of births in subsequent years.

Throughout the amount of change in Poland, there is an important upsurge in the chronilogical age of people stepping into wedding. Men have a tendency to get hitched prior to the chronilogical age of 30 (in reality in the chronilogical age of 29) and also the median age of females is 27. At the start of the 90s over 50 % of married guys were below 25 years old, in contrast to only 17 percent in 2013. The share of females below 25 has decreased from 73 percent to 34 percent in 2013. In the last few years, the age bracket who has a tendency to get hitched most frequently had not been as formerly the generation 20-24, but those aged 25-29. The share of the group (men and women) comprises almost 40 per cent (it was 28 per cent in 2000 and almost 20 per cent in 1990).

Invariably, first marriages constitute about 82 percent of most newly determined marriages, in other words. those contracted by solitary (never ever hitched) individuals. In 2013, the age that is median of guys had been nearly 28, i.e. over 4 years significantly more than at the start of the 90’s (25 in 2000). The bride had been 26 yrs old in contrast to 22 at the start of the 90s and slightly over 23 in 2000.

Utilizing the escalation in the chronilogical age of getting wedding, the dwelling regarding the academic degree of the newly weds additionally changed. In 2013, a higher level that is educational principal among brides – over 47 percent had a top academic degree compared to 15 per cent in 2000 and just 4 per cent when you look at the 90s. Among males 40 per cent had additional education; greater studies had been finished by thirty three percent of grooms (compared to 5 per cent for the beginning of the 90s and 13 percent in 2000).

The modifications presented are types of the transformations occurring in the behaviour of young adults, whom whenever planning for a future firstly make an effort to spend money on by by themselves – in training and work – after which into the family members.

Stable quantity of divorces

Within the last few years in Poland, significantly more than 200 thousand marriages have now been dissolved every year – approx. thirty percent as being outcome of divorce or separation, therefore the staying very nearly seventy percent by death. The proportions were 20% to 80% in the 1990s and at the beginning of this century.

In modern times about 65 thousand marriages have already been dissolved yearly – in 2013 a lot more than 66 thousand couples divorced – about 24 thousand a lot more than in 1990. The divorce proceedings price amounted to 1.7 ‰ vs. 1.1 ‰ in 1990. In 2013, 73 of each and every 10 thousand marriages that are existing ended via a court ruling contrary to less than 50 within the 90s.

An average of, divorced spouses have actually resided together for approx. 14 years and also this duration is getting somewhat much longer. 12 months by year partners become slightly older when divorcing: in 2013 guys had been an average of 40-41 years at the full time of breakup, females had been significantly more than two years more youthful.

Constantly in over 2/3 of all of the instances, it had been ladies who filed for the divorce proceedings. The divorce or separation price as a result of the woman’s fault had been over 3 percent (18 per cent of most divorces had been as a result of the man’s fault) however in nearly all instances (over 74 per cent) the fault wasn’t adjudicated. The most frequent reasons for divorces which spouses declare is incompatibility of character (over 1/3 of all of the divorces), one other factors are infidelity or permanent relationship that is emotional another individual (1/4 divorces) and alcoholism (19 percent).

Whenever selecting custody of under-age kids (aged below 18) staying from the marriage that is dissolved the court usually (60 percent of instances in 2013) funds custody entirely into the mom and entirely to the dad just in approx. 5 per cent of instances. In 34 percent of situations custody that is joint issued.


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